Bringing out the beauty and delicateness of Japanese women in a big city like Tokyo, this editorial brings life and beauty in the middle of chaos. They are like plants who grow and grow. Fragile and strong at the same time, bringing colours and chaos in an hectic life. 

(From left to right) Chihiro wears top AYAME scarf & skirt STYLISTS OWN Kaori wears shirt, vest & pants POSTELEGANT
Kae wears jacket & pants POSTELEGANT Sumire wears long coat AKIKOAOKI stockings KIWANDA shorts STYLISTS OWN
Natsumi wears blouse POSTELEGANT skirt STYLISTS OWN

Art Director and Photographer: Roxy Hervé 
Stylist: Ai Takahashi 
Hair Stylist: Seita Oyama
Makeup Artist: Sayuri Iso
Models: Chihiro Meifuku, Kae Igarashi
Kaoli from Vithmic Model Agency,
KASUMI from Tateoka Office
& Natsumi Sekine from Beyond Tokyo Agency

FAR–NEAR 2019 — New York, NY