Confinement Cuisine

With stay-at-home policies across the globe, everyone is dipping their hands into flour, sugar, spice and everything nice to liven up their meals cooked at home. These channels and accounts have been particularly heartening, offering up simple recipes and food porn as well as healthy lessons and meals both for body and for mind.

Instagram Accounts

Eat Nunchi by Lexie Park is a Los Angeles-based meal delivery service offering conceptual Korean dishes that are equal parts nourishing and artful. DM @eatnunchi to inquire about ordering a delivery 🌸️

With her background in clinical nutrition, professional kitchens and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zoey specializes in mostly plant-based Chinese medicinal cuisine and holistic treatments, including Meridian Yoga, Moxibustion and Accupressure. FAR–NEAR hosted “A Lesson on Herbal Knowledge with Tea Broth and Porridge” in New York City for Chinese New Year, before coronavirus shut down the nation. Recently, Zoey has started an IG Live series of cooking lessons that helps center the mind and body through medicinal Chinese cooking. 🍵

Margaret Zhang 章凝 is an Australian-born-Chinese filmmaker, photographer, consultant and writer based in New York and Shanghai. Since the shutdown, she has been taking to her social media channels to offer beautiful and intimate renditions of recipes passed through her family
Tokiya is a restaurant located in Meguro, Tokyo, offering delivery meals made with local produce and edible flowers. You may find yourself struggling to eat these beautiful dishes, wanting to preserve and admire them instead.

YouTube Channels

Li Ziqi is a Chinese food and country-life blogger, entrepreneur, and internet celebrity, whose cooking channel is a bit like Terrace House mixed with a Chinese television drama. She is known for creating food and handicraft preparation videos in her hometown of rural Pingwu, Mianyang, Sichuan, often from basic ingredients and tools using traditional Chinese techniques.

Maangchi is like the Korean auntie you’ve either got or always wished you had. Teaching different meals in a relatable way, Maangchi approaches cooking with candor and humor to help you through the process.

Cooking with Dog is a personal favorite. This lowbrow channel teaches relatively simple Japanese homecooked meals. Each video shows great close-ups of each step of the process, and is carefully described with narration from the husband, cooking from the wife and assistance from the family’s poodle.

Mastanamma got her big break in 2016 when she was 105 years old. This New Delhi-based YouTube star passed away in 2018, but her videos live on. Cooking on an open fire, often using her bare hands and feet to prep each meal, Country Foods features dozens of staple dishes from Indian cuisine, and warms the heart with Mastanamma’s presence and movements.