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FAR–NEAR is a curated cross-cultural book series broadening perspectives of Asia through image, person, idea and history to unlearn the inherent dominative mode. 

Spanning from Turkey to Japan, each volume focuses on a specific theme and has thus far featured Shirin Neshat, Takashi Homma, 9m88, The Beijing Opera, Porochista Khakpour, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Slavs and Tatars, Ma Thanegi, Juri Onuki, Bo Songvisava, Richie Shazam, Hitoshi Fugo, Keisuke Asano, Nick Sethi, Pixy Liao and more.

VOLUME ONE launched in 2018 explores the concept of movement – an act of taking control of your body, changing physical or mental location, arrival and departure by working together to push forward a way of thinking.

VOLUME TWO focuses on taste–distaste through food, drink, flavor, recipe, hospitality, style, agriculture and aesthetic and is expected to release in spring 2019.


Lulu Yao Gioiello
Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director


Ariana King
Senior Editor





FAR–NEAR 2019 — New York, NY