Modern Japanese artisanship has often blended the traditions of other cultures with their own, creating a new style so meticulous it challenges the very traditions from which it finds inspiration. From gaining Michelin accreditation with Japanese style Italian cuisine, to beating Scotland at their own whiskey game, the adaptation of cultures clearly reaps benefits. This blending of worlds can be seen in globally-learned, Japanese-born and Brooklyn-based designer Kozaburo Akasaka. He weaves classic American tropes like the cowboy, the rock star and the sailor, with post-war Gutai aesthetics from Japanese art. His rebellious attitude mixed with craft and symbolism has created a style that is both catching the eye of critics and paving a solid path for this emerging artist.

Creative direction & Photography - Lulu Kim @lulufotokim
Stylist- Karlo Steel @karlosteel
Model- Malik Brand @maahleek
Clothings- Kozaburo @kozaburoakasaka