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Nowness China - April 2019

‘Fades and Braids’ debuted on Nowness China

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Document Journal – April 2019

‘Fades and Braids,’ the short film exploring Asian identity through hairstyles

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Text:  Lulu Yao Gioiello
Image: Amber Grace Johnson; Fades & Braids

It’s Nice That – October 2018

Far Near is a curated book series broadening the perspectives of Asia

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Text:  Jyni Ong
Image: FAR–NEAR Volume One

Galdem Zine – June 2018

FAR-NEAR: A new book series broadens the boundaries of Asian identity

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Text:  Suyin Haynes
Image: Forbabies; Immigration

Sukeban – August 2018

An interview with Lulu Yao Gioiello, the curator of FAR–NEAR: a new book series broadening perspectives of Asia.

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New York Magazine’s The Cut – October 2017

The Art Director With a Clothing Line and Magazine

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Text:  Sarah Spellings
Image: Lucas Michael

Hero Magazine – April 2018

Challenging Western conceptions of Asia through beautiful photography

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Text:  Lindsey Okubo Image: Dorothy Sing Zhang

Document Journal – June 2018

A new cross-cultural book series will help you ‘unlearn’ the tired narratives on Asian identity

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Text:  Sharifa Morris
Image: Patty Lu; Flower of the Dawn

FAR–NEAR 2019 — New York, NY