Transformation is Beautiful

Strand by strand, I’ve watched Tomihiro Kono delicately and precisely thread hairs through a hair net, meticulously straining his neck above a magnifying glass above a wig made of human hair.

This month, he returned back to Japan to have not one, but two exhibitions for his wigs (talk about dedication!). The first, called personas, hung 45 wigs at different levels from the ceiling. Here, the viewer could select a wig based off of a celebrity, and become that persona. Open until April 27th, catch it if you can!

The second exhibition, Katsura Rikyu, took place in a far darker, more traditional location. Here, Western style wigs resembling Marie Antoinette and Raggedy Ann hung from damp basement walls amongst tools and Noh masks. The ground level showcased his craftsmanship rooted in Japanese artisanship and love of wood, with Kodama dolls, wooden heads and tools displayed across the tatami floor. Fun, dedicated, playful and insightful, Tomi Kono’s wigs are certainly to be reckoned with, worn and admired.

The Art of Wig Making vol.2 in Tokyo 
15-27th April 2019
Caminito #14 1-3-1 2F Higashi Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan
Opening hours: 12-7pm Sundays closed.
CLOSING PARTY 26th 7-9pm