Volume 2 Launch
The ingredients for a book on taste and distaste

We are pleased to announce the release of FAR–NEAR volume 2 on taste and distaste.

No two tastes are the same. From the first moments we can remember, our unique version begins to take form. It is, in part, a reflection of our parents taste and the decisions they have made– whether they immigrated to another country or stayed put in their hometown, whether they lean conservative or liberal. This early aesthetic is a reflection of who they want us to be. Here, taste is bestowed upon us, and helps us to form our opinions and our own identities. But as we age, we interact with the world and experience moments that no one else will. Developing over time through what we choose to filter and absorb as our own, what might taste good to us might be to the distaste of another. Taste is subjective.

This volume has gathered stories, images, recipes and thoughts from a wide array of creatives with distinct tastes, who bring aesthetic to what could be considered distasteful. Its variety is an illustration of how unique we are despite being neighbors, and how similar we are even when coming from different backgrounds. Through photo stories, interviews and essays on everything from frying pans and Fukushima-irradiated mushrooms, to pickle-themed art exhibitions and diasporic fashion senses, we explore the flavor polyphony of a modern creative culture representing the Asian continent. Here, we hope to ignite a hunger for new perspectives and a more diverse palate.

Artists Ayse Erkmen, Mona Saudi, The Land Foundation, forbabies, Brian Foo, Slavs and Tatars, Miyuki Hyodo, Patty Lu, Richie Shazam, Emman Debattista, Us Warman Chefs Jenny Dorsey, Hripsime Artinian, Bo Songvisava of bo.lan, Ma Thanegi
Designers Rui Zhou, Zhu Xuan He, Iise Seoul, Nodress
Contributing Photographers Takashi Homma, Hitoshi Fugo, Hue Zhi Wei, Miki Orotea, Weishan Hu, Peter Ash Lee, Sara Mon, Nick Sethi, Dorothy Sing Zhang, Keisuke Asano, Mary Chen, Qin Xione,
Dan McMahon, Yuan Yao, Michal Solarski, Richie Talboy, Licha, Peng Yu, Victor Tate, Pixy Liao Contributing Writers Riya Hamid, Lindsey Okubo, Maryam Omidi, Angela Carbone, Angela Lin, Vivien Lee, Kee Byeung-keun, David Ai Wang, Cynthia Koppe, Coral Lee, Olive Kimoto
Video Credits Amber Grace Johnson, Gaul Porat, Haansol Rim
Printed by Datz Press Seoul, South Korea
Poem insert Urara Muramatsu
Cover Photo Hitoshi Fugo