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FAR–NEAR is a curated cross-cultural book series broadening perspectives of Asia through image, person, idea and history to unlearn the inherent dominative mode.

The Asian continent and its people have often been expressed through the lens of a foreign eye–painted as “the other” to a Western audience. Extending beyond the Far East, FAR–NEAR features voices from Japan to Iran and just about everywhere in between.

Financial Disclosure



We are an entirely self-funded platform operating without advertising or external investments. Our founder commits to a personal financial deficit each year with our core team working diligently outside of their day jobs to deliver the highest quality annually-printed books, online editorials, anti-racism newsletters, charitable fundraisers, music playlists and social media to our community. While we do our best to respect and compensate our collaborators, whether through copies of the book, production or other forms of support, please consider this before submitting work or reaching out to us. You can support us by purchasing our books, subscribing to our book club and volunteering or sending donations to @far-near on Venmo. We appreciate your consideration and contribution!


Submission Requirements


We commission and develop new stories that speak honestly, challenge industry norms and go beyond stereotypical depictions of Asian art and identity. We want to see work from all edges of the globe that are made with heart, thought and powerful storytelling at its core. Email us at submissions@far-near.media after reading the guidelines below.


Print Submissions


We welcome pitches for stories to be considered for our annual printed book. Please provide imagery or mood and at least one paragraph on the core idea of the story. We also accept artist portfolios to review for future collaborations.


Online Submissions


We support and curate work from artists who want to premiere their work on our platform, and collaborate to create unique stories that dig just a little deeper. Please send us a short description of the work and attach a small presentation of the proposed story to your email. Please note that we do not offer fees for this content and if we feel the submission is the right fit for our platform, we will get back to you ☺︎


Future Collaborations


If you are interested in writing, shooting, volunteering or collaborating with us, please send us samples of your work (a pdf portfolio is ideal) and a small introduction about yourself and your interests. We look forward to meeting you!


Branded Content


We work with brands in different ways, through sponsorships, placements, and bespoke commissions, and are happy to discuss specific projects and campaigns.

Core Team


Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Lulu Yao Gioiello

Senior Editor

Ariana King

Editor & Illustrator

Urara Muramatsu

Fashion Director & Editor

Raiheth Rawla

West Coast Editor

Thai Lu

Featured Artists

Zhang Huan
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Trinh T. Minh-ha
Taysir Batniji
Nick Sethi
Kikuji Kawada

Shirin Neshat
Takashi Homma
Wednesday Campanella
Kary Kwok
Leslie Shang

Fish Zhang
Shintaro Sakamoto
Fatima Al Qadiri
Ibrahem Hasan
Alex Zhang Hungtai

Eikoh Hosoe
Pixy Liao
The Beijing Opera
Porochista Khakpour
Hu Yang

Tatsumi Hijikata
Slavs and Tatars
Ayse Erkemen
Brendan George Ko

Hitoshi Fugo
Queer Reads Library
Ae Hee Lee
Matthew Shen Goodman


Alexander Anufriev
Hripsime & Serko Artinian
Keisuke Asano
Tess Ayano
Anum Asi
Vince Aung
Gary Bardizbanian
Kerem Ozan Bayraktar
Paul Bui
Kee Byung-keun
Angela Carbone
Cheyna Carr
Century Contemporary Dance Company
Chiao Chen
Mary Chen
Sunny Taiyang Chen
Tiffany Jaeyeon Chen
Alex Huanfa Cheng
Jennifer Cheng
Thaddé Comar

Emman Debattista
Jenny Dorsey
Yuri Eury
Brian Foo
Mike Fu
Anna Furman
Chris Habana
Riya Hamid
Keenan Havens
Ziyu He
Kim Ho
Weishan Hu
Nhu Xuan Hua
Miyuki Hyodo
Momo Ikeda
Mayumo Inoue
Pouran Jinchi
Maazin Kamal
Seulgi Lee Kang
Olive Kimoto
Cynthia Koppe
Hassan Kurbanbaev

Kenneth Lam
Tirtha Lawati
Alex Lee
Coral Lee
Peter Ash Lee
Vivien Lee
Won Woo Lee
Kamin Lertchaiprasert
Charmaine Li
Richard Licha
Ai Lin
Angela Lin
Johnson Lui
Sayaka Maruyama
Dan McMahon
Anna Miyoshi
Sara Mon
Joji Nakamura
Kaori Nakasone
Nicole Ngai
Lucka Ngo
Moe Nishiyama
Den Niwa

Ciana Nkuruh
Nonaka Hill Gallery
Lindsey Okubo
Maryam Omidi
Juri Onuki
Mika Orotea
Yu Peng
Karolyn Pho
Ayesha Raees
Sahrish Rahman
James J Robinson
Dayun Ryu
Ivan Salinero
Mona Saudi
Iise Seoul
Chinar Shah
Richie Shazam
Bogdan Shirokov
Kim Shui
Dorothy Sing Zhang
Junshin Soga
Michal Solarski

Ashley Soong
Neo Sora
Apoorva Tadepalli
Ai Takahashi
Natsumi Takahashi
Ayae Takisa
Hiroshi Takizawa
Richie Talboy
Carlos Runcie Tanaka
Róisín Tapponi
Victor Tate
Ma Thanegi
Camily Tsai
David Ai Wang
Rachel Be-Yun Wang
Us Warman
Winson Brooklyn
Zhi Wei
Justin Wong
Qin Xione
Alice Yang
Yuan Yao


New York

2 Bridges Music Arts
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Chop Suey Club
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Printed Matter
The Metropolitan Museum of Art 


Artbook at MoMA PS1
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Greenlight Bookstore
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Quimby’s Chicago

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Heath Newsstand


Los Angeles

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Librairie Yvon Lambert

Featured in

i-D (Asia, US and UK divisions), Nowness Asia, GQ.com, The Cut, Modern Weekly China, King Kong Magazine, Document Journal, Gal-dem Mag, Metal Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, Hero Magazine, It’s Nice That, Self Publish Be Happy, Office Magazine and Sukeban Magazine.


Circa.art, Nowness Asia, Social Studies, Brooklyn Art Book Fair, Bubble T’s Lunar New Year Celebration, Happy Family Night Market

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