Photo Series

From a young age, Anumeha has always been a quiet observer. Human tendencies and expressions fascinate her, and her work strives to capture the  up close and personal. To her, it requires that you build trust, have a conversation, and make the person a part of your life (however temporarily). On a solo 5-month long journey across India, Nepal and Bhutan, she spent time with locals from all across the subcontinent. Here, she captures her relationship to them, and their relationship to their native land.


“One early morning, while walking on the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi, I saw a group of young boys playing in the sand. I asked to take a photo of Karan, who was wearing a striking red sweater.”


“I met these boys while walking on the streets of Shillong, India. They were playing football in an open, empty stadium, their clothing matching the blue and red of the walls.”


“This image was taken on the way back to Paro from Punakha, in Bhutan. I saw this family sitting on the edge of a beautiful hill, enjoying a simple meal together.”

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“Out of the all the Sadhu’s I met on the river bank in Varanasi, this lady was one of the very few women who also followed the practice. As I took the photo, I could hear her still chanting morning prayers under her breath.”


“This image was taken on the same morning that I made the earlier image of Karan in Varanasi. His shirt and the colors of dawn complemented each other beautifully.”

Photography + Words


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